Mobile-friendly contact manager and bookkeeping for busy Owners/Start Ups


  • Improve your sales and customer loyalty
  • Conquer your paperwork and recapture your weekends
  • Claim your full mileage allowances automatically
  • MTD: link directly to HMRC
  • Only 91p per day

If you’re tired of spreadsheets and losing bits of paper, start using ACTIVUS

ACTIVUS will simply make your life easier.

VAT automatically calculated for you, whether its on an invoice or a receipt, gross or net. Then just snap a photo and it’s attached to  the record. No more lost time fiddling with Spreadsheets, lost paper and scanners.
No more mistakes means less accountancy fees to pay

ACTIVUS is a web application that works on any device with a signal (3g/4g or wifi) Give your accountant access and its more secure than email (it uses https).

FYI ACTIVUS is HMRC compliant on all calculations and with our mileage logger you don’t even have to remember to check your trip mileage its all done automatically for you. Unlike other apps, you don’t have to remember to start and stop it, it’s all done AUTOMATICALLY with FYI ACTIVUS

Save yourself a fortune in HMRC fines and a potential criminal record.
Read this testimonial for a true horror story  More

BUT ACTIVUS isn’t just accounting support, ACTIVUS will also help you with your customers. It has a task calendar and simple order system, so you can turn up at a job on time and fully prepared. And the order history and notes section will remind you of your clients’ previous orders and conversations or can help you with the entry procedure to that particular headquarter building.

Do your business and bookkeeping chores in seconds while at work or travelling, leaving your evenings and weekends free.

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