FAQs – Uses

Will ACTIVUS grow with my business?

My business is quite small but we expect to grow. Will ACTIVUS grow with my business?
Of course!
We designed ACTIVUS to support growing businesses like yours.

You pay for the system and can start with one user and add more as and when you need to for the same price. It’s only when you get to four (4) users or more will there be a very slight cost increase (£5) per month

ACTIVUS is packed full of useful features, but we’ve made it as simple and intuitive to use as possible. This means the all the features are there to be used and we’ve not included features that you won’t want to use but still have to pay for like some applications.

We believe you’ll love ACTIVUS, but should you ever choose to move away, we’ve made it easy to take all your data with you in a usable format so you can import it into your new system.

Can I attach emails to records in ACTIVUS?

You can attach any document to ACTIVUS, whether that be, customer records, drawings, photographs and anything else that you can expect to attach, so you can keep track of your communications with contacts.

Can I integrate my other systems with ACTIVUS?

Yes you can,
depending on what the other system is… As part of MTD (Making Tax Digital), ACTIVUS will will fully integrate with HMRC so all VAT can be recorded directly. More information will be available nearer April 2019.

Can I make calls through ACTIVUS?

Yes you can!

You can initiate a call through ACTIVUS. This integration allows you to make calls using click-to-dial functionality, directly on a smartphone or via a VOIP system on your pc. i.e. Skype

I’m not very technical and want a system that’s simple to use. Is ACTIVUS for me?

ACTIVUS was born out of frustration with other systems, which are overly complicated and fussy.

ACTIVUS is very simple to use, if you can buy online you can easily use ACTIVUS. It is simple, intuitive and doesn’t use jargon

Don’t take our word for it.  Get a free trial today.

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Is ACTIVUS easy to use?

ACTIVUS is designed to be simple and intuitive. There’s no point having tools that nobody can use!
But don’t just take our word for it – sign up for a free trial today and give it a try.
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Can I use ACTIVUS on my smartphone?

ACTIVUS can be used on any device with access to the Internet.
It works on 3g, 4g and WIFI and on any modern browser, smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop and Mac

Can I restrict what Users can do on the system?

Yes! There is different access depending on the user role

FAQs – Set up and Installation
What do I need to run ACTIVUS?

All you need is a device such as a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, and access to the internet.
ACTIVUS is cloud based, which means we store the data for you securely online, you don’t need any special hardware.

How do I access ACTIVUS on my other devices?

ACTIVUS is completely portable and can be accessed on any Internet connected device. Use the link that we provide to navigate to ACTIVUS on your device and save ACTIVUS to your Home Screen or Favourites. Full instructions are given and training supplied

How long will ACTIVUS take to install?

Just a couple of minutes. Once you have completed the registration form and we have your details your account logins will be emailed to you and you can start using ACTIVUS

How do I import my existing data?

There is a simple importing tool that you can use within ACTIVUS and we are happy to help just let us know
info@fyiaction.com or 07921 390 128

What about 3rd party product integration?

All included in the price. ACTIVUS will be integrated with HMRC as part of MTD (Making Tax Digital). Please contact FYI Action if you require any further integrations
info@fyiaction.com or call 07921 390 128

Where is my data held and how can I get it back?

Your data is held on very secure servers within the UK.
We do not use lists from dubious sources and will not contact you imploring you to buy sparkling trinkets. We may from time to time inform you of upgrades and relevant related information, of which, you are welcome to say no to receiving. There will always be an unsubscribe option.

If you’d like to be forgotten about totally we will do this to, you only have to ask.
We have a two stage delete format, soft delete where your account is made inaccessible to everyone except our Information Officer and then when we know that you have not deleted in error and that you are definitely not returning then we hard delete your account.

Please contact us for more information, we are GDPR compliant.
GDPR@fyiaction.com 07921 390 128

FAQS General –
How much time will I have to evaluate ACTIVUS?

You have one month. We know how busy you are and unexpected events happen, so your month will start from the time you start to use ACTIVUS not from when you receive it. If you decide to purchase ACTIVUS before your free month is completed you will not be charged until that time has elapsed

How do I pay?

We use Go Cardless, so you control your own Direct Debit. You can also pay with any debit or credit card if you really want to. All prices quoted are in Pounds Sterling excluding VAT

Are there any Contracts or tie-ins?

No! There are no contracts and with straightforward pricing, you will get a fulling functioning business solution for a low monthly fee.

Optional Extra: Most trackers require a tie-in of at least two years and a monthly data charge but with ACTIVUS there is no contract or extra monthly charge, just a small one-off fee for the mileage logger

Are there any extra costs?

Everything is included. Up to 3 users, the tracker data, unlimited number of records, unlimited storage, all updates, training and support are all a part of the service. There is however, an optional extra – the mileage logger has a one-off charge but is heavily discounted

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! you can cancel at any time because you’re in control of your direct debit payments so you can stop paying for the service immediately and you’ll be able to use the system until the end of your payment time

Any other questions?

Call us for a chat on 07921 390 128
or email us our address is info@fyiaction.com