I have been using this system for a short time now and have found it to be very very user friendly compared to other systems on the market. Because of the nature of our business at Spitfire Avian Pest Control the more time spent in the office on the phone trying to get my head round a new system means less time earning money.

Having personally used 3 other similar systems I have to take my hat off to this one as I have found It does what I want In a non complicated and easy to use and very affordable way.

Personally with the plans Tony has for new modules in the future and small improvements his system will become a must have system for small medium and large businesses alike.

Rupert G, Peterborough (contact details available)

Before I set up my own business I was a Sales Director and travelled throughout the UK frequently. I didn’t previously  record my mileage accurately, and often guessed at the mileage I’ve driven, I’ve always entered my Tax return over the years at approximately 18,000 miles.

During one year I had to ask HMRC via self assessment for an update on the current mileage allowance,  the Tax office asked how many miles I had entered and felt that the miles  entered seemed quite high and asked me how had I recorded this mileage. I told them that they are estimated miles.

HMRC asked me to prove the actual trips that year and had found that I had overestimated these miles; they decided to audit my returns for 3 years and found that I overestimated this mileage too.

The Tax Office calculated the true mileage and charged me £6,000 in owed back tax and penalties.

This is a lesson you must take note of. HMRC can audit your tax at anytime if they think that you have not recorded your mileage or any business transaction properly.

I now use FYI Activus for all my tax and mileage recording, without any worries or stress as I know it’s set up for people like me

Paul Y – Hampshire (contact details available). Paul wrote his story down after we’d had a chat, the automatic mileage recorder was his primary motivator