User Scenario

ACTIVUS is the only online Contact Manager and Accountancy package combined.

ACTIVUS uses plain language only; accountancy jargon is not used and no knowledge of accountancy is needed. ACTIVUS is designed specially for Sole Traders, Contractors and small businesses by people like you and not by a team of corporate technnicians or accountants (although we couldn’t have done it without accountancy and technical help).

This is the only business web app that truly supports the little guy (and gal), not large companies as normal, and is the only web app that combines a Contact, Task and Order Manager with the best parts of an accountancy package to really get your VAT sorted

ACTIVUS automatically records your journeys and calculates your mileage and VAT so saves you £££££ and keeps you HRMC compliant, so you don’t have to manually guess your mileage or check it on a map website (which doesn’t take in to account diversions). If in doubt, please read this testimonial More

User scenario for a trade

  • You get a notification on your smartphone that you have a job at number 22 at 08:30 so you check what the full job is (and in the Contact notes see that the owners have a dog, so you’re prepared to be smothered). If you don’t want the notification, you also get an email, we’re determined you’re not going to miss your appointment.
  • After the job’s been completed the owner pays you and you leave as you sit in your vehicle you complete the job order and check the incoming screen – you’ve been paid.
  • While you’re there you just check for the next job and see that you need a couple of bits from the wholesaler, but as you’re in a hurry, and they’re in your Contacts you give them a quick call, all without leaving the same screen. Snap your receipts and add them into your expenses and while you’re there, just check to see how much you’ve made so far today.
  • It’s just after lunch and you’ve not forgotten that your VAT is due (because it’s marked in your upcoming tasks) but you have left it until the last minute… again. No problem as ACTIVUS keeps a running total, all you have to do is press send and when MTD is ready it will go straight to HMRC filing, but at the moment it will either notify your account/bookkeeper or be displayed ready for you to manually file your VAT… don’t worry about which boxes to complete, ACTIVUS tells you.
  • After the last job of the day you decide to make a quick detour to see an old friend, well no problem with working out the extra mileage, when you get home simply tap the private miles away and you’re all nice and legal (HMRC compliant).
  • Later that evening as you’re out “networking” (in the pub) someone asks if you can do a job… a quick glance at your dashboard and yep you’re free at the right time and really impress your mates by adding the job to the order and your task calendar in less than a minute
  • Also you can tell them that if they want ACTIVUS then you both get one month free (tell 12 mates and if they all sign up and stay for a qualifying time then you’ll get one year’s free access)

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